Swinging Flying Pig

One of those random drawings.


Speech Bingo

My first project to be published!
Over 100 illustrations and lots of time spent, this game for children is out for sale through Northern Speech Services! It was a great project to work on and I'm happy to have had the opportunity!



A character I drew for my Character Design class at CCAD with 6 different expressions. Three of them are shown through facial expressions, and the other three are shown through body language.

Swift Asian Boxer

Character Design assignment. I was given the description of a character from a random classmate and had to draw a character from the description.


Many expressions of Jenny.



A drawing I did of My favorite scene from the movie Micmacs. Love this movie and Jean Pierre Jeunet!


Mushroom Lady Too

Another mushroom character design.

Mushroom Lady

One of the characters I am working on for a story in progress.

Imagination Celebration Logo Colored

I designed this logo for a new business called Imagination Celebration. The idea is a children's party trunk, filled with costumes and props, that can be rented out for any occasion.

Imagination Celebration Logo

Kenny, Sarah & Putter

A drawing of my sister, her fiance, and their dog.
A few illustrations for some Bingo Cards I had worked on.